Thursday, November 14, 2013

Best White Cloud Cigarettes Review

Many people have listened before about White Cloud Cigarettes brand on review sites or blogs at the last period. But what is the white cloud cigarettes and when this company have formed?

White Cloud Cigarettes, located in Tarpon Springs, Fl, and formed in 2008. This company is one of the first producers of the disposable electronic nicotine devices and products using lightweight food grade BPA-free thermoplastics, this company is also a vertically integrated marketer and manufacturer of electronic cigarettes.

This company are providing these days more than 18 flavors in over 6 nicotine strength, their product line include chareBolt, ShotGun Tips, Smoothdrow, ClearDrow, Cirrus, Fling Mini, Fling Original and also sharging systems.

White Cloud Cigarettes sells their products worldwide through their online store, wholesalers, distributors, third party retailers and also their retail locations.

The specialties of the company is electronic cigarette accessories, Tobacco alternatives, retail sales and electronic cigarettes for sure. They also licenses its proprietary accessory designsthrough contract manufacturing and also OEM platforms.

The company of white clouds cigarettes have acquired in april 2012 vapor jackets and electronic cigarettes accessory specialist in order to provide customers nearly limitless combinations of heat shrinkable colored plastic wrappers in order to adorn electronic cigarette cartridges and batteries.


What makes white cloud cigarettes unique, is that most of the other e cigarettes companies are manufacturing simply order generic parts from china, many other companies are fake and just packaging their products in custom boxes with the suitable logos and sell them. While this company creates every component of its products without needing to do a similar bad things.

The second good thing that make white cloud cigarettes different is that they are using the best batteries possible unlike 90% of e-cigarettes companies which are using standard lithium ion batteries. So they are based on a lithium polymer design which allows for a full 8 or 9 second draw which no other brand can claim.

The next feature of this company is that their products have designed with a shock absorption system, that allow you to be able to drop your e-cigarette and the battery will be fine. Dropping the cigarettes is a common thing, but the strong e-cigarettes are unfortunately uncommon till now.


Looking to the design of their products, they appear from the first look as the best electronic cigarette in the online market. They have put serious efforts into the presentation. From the first look you feel like you have got a product from the Apple company.


White cloud cigarettes offer a large range of accessories including what they call Vapor Jackets which allow you to customize the look of your smokes with a uniquely-designed cover.

Taste and Flavor:

If you smoking tobacco, chocolate, menthol, vanilla, strawberry, clove or even coffee flavor like espresso or even other flavor of their flavors, you will find that they all taste extremely realistic.


Comparing with many of electronic cigarettes companies, White cloud cigarettes is the most realistic smoking experience you may have had and the most safer. But it is expensive somehow.

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