Monday, November 11, 2013

Electronic Cigarette Comparison with Traditional Tobacco Cigarette

Best electronic cigarettes aren't different comparing with any other brand new product, you have first to see the benefits of using it clearly.

The vast majority of those who are interested in electronic cigarettes and electronic smoking are current smokers. So you are supposed to be one of them and searching for a way to understand the benefits of using these best e cigarettes instead of you current brand.

There are really 4 main benefits of using electronic cigarette comparison with the traditional tobacco cigarettes, no one of these reasons are connected to smoking. These benefits were discovered from many scientific studies examining and feedback of customers. So, let's move to the benefits:

Electronic Cigarette Comparison with Traditional cig.

1-   E-cigarettes are more healthier.
Tobacco cigarettes contain many chemicals, which are cancer causing or considered carcinogenic. And with smoking traditional cigarettes, there are many risks you will face. Depending on the countless studies, smoking tobacco can put you at a higher risks like heart attack, stroke, throat cancer, lung cancer, osteoporosis, pneumonia, Alzheimer and many more risks.
Using electronic cigarettes can be a safer alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Many people said that they feel better physically after changing to e-cigs.
2-   Electronic cigarettes are more safe.
Traditional cigarettes are the first cause of fire-related death in the USA and 7 other countries in the world. Worldwide, 10% of all fire-related deaths started by lit cigarettes.
Traditional cigarettes also can burn your clothes and your furniture and so on. We didn't mentioned also that you are burning tobacco.
Electronic cigarettes allow you to smoke without using an open flame, in other words, smoking without cherry which can burn you.
3-   Forget the distinctive odor using electronic cigarettes.
Anybody know well the traditional tobacco cigarettes smell, we are talking about hallmark. Anybody know also that cigarettes smell clings and gets into anything it contacts with. Like clothes, places like cars and furniture and even your hair. This smell can make you avoid the close contact not to notice that you have a bad smell even if you are using the best perfume brand. Talking about non-smokers, this smell is very noticeable.
What makes electronic cigarette better, you will using a vapor that evaporate immediately unlike any brand of traditional smoking. You will feel like you are not a smoker.
4-   Electronic cigarettes are cheaper than traditional cigs.
Everyone knows well that tobacco cigarettes are expensive these days, you can now buy a good quality pack of cigarettes from 7$ to 12$ depending on which state you're on. This good quality pack was for just 1$ in 1980. And the prices are constantly rising.
Depending on the previous data, you will have to pay at least 300$ every month for smoking tobacco cigarettes without including lighters or ash trays.

Smoking is bad, but if you are tending to continue smoking tobacco cigarettes, then electronic cigarettes comparison are more safer, much cheaper and better than traditional cigarettes. For more info please visit electronic cigarette reviews.


  1. Good sharing, a recent study by researchers at Washington University in St Louis reveals that many parents who use electronic cigarettes (or e-cigs for short) are not aware of the dangers that they present for their children. The use of e-cigs in the US has increased dramatically in the last few years, as have the number of emergency calls to poison control centres around the country. For detail visit:

  2. There should be no comparison, electronic cigarettes are far more Superior then those cancer sticks! I stopped 4 years ago, and never looked back, now I am vaping my mighty joe eliquid, and love every second of it.

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