Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What Are Electronic Cigarettes? Are E Cigarettes Safe?

Before answering the question Are electronic cigarettes safe, we need first to know more about e cigarettes. The product that have become a billion dollar industry, one in five north Americans trying the electronic cigarettes. But are e cigarettes safe?

Electronic cigarettes is a device which can simulate traditional cigarettes by having a liquid cartridge filled with propylene glycol which is a common chemical used in food products. The goal behind using this chemical is mimicking cigarettes smoke.

The manufacturers of Electronic cigarettes and their proponents touted they as a safe alternative comparing to tobacco cigarettes, while many physicians and doctors disagree.

However, as we mentioned before there are many people who are trying to use these devices in order to stop smoking, and others are using e cigarettes as an alternative to traditional cigs.

What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarette is a device like a battery powered like tube device, the goal behind creating it is to resemble actual traditional tobacco cigarettes. This tube or device release water vapor laced with nicotine housed in a cartridge to allow users to inhale the vapor of the device as they are smoking tobacco combustible cigarettes.

What makes electronic cigarettes different, is that they don't contain most of the chemicals which are found in tobacco cigarettes and even don't produce smoke, read more about cigarettes without nicotime. E-cigs like V2 Cigs a way to help them to avoid things that may make them the lesser of two evils.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Vancouver businessman "Babak Maghfourian" and the founder of Wink E-Cigarettes which allow you to have a lithium ion battery with charger for pluging into computers said that These devices is just water vapour and flavouring which don't have tar or ash or odor or even nicotine. He added also that they are creating now many flavors like vitamin c and watermelon and the favorite mango flavor. Read more about electronic cigarette reviews and electronic cigarette comparison.

"Ray Casciari" the MD, FRCP, director of the thoracic oncology program and the chief medical officer at St. Joseph Hospital, in Orange, California. Said that nobody know what that is doing to your lungs, he added that his experience over the past 35 years allowed him to know that anything enter the lungs has a chance to cause irritation or lung damage, on the other hand, the lungs have no way to protect themselves like coughing or producing mucus to create a barrier.

Casciari added also that people who are using these devices maybe inhaling substances which might be not safe. Nobody knows well are electronic cigarettes safe or not.

Dr, "Milan Khara" runs the smoking cessation clinic at Vancouver general hospital, said that there are no evidence that these devices are risk-free, on the other hand there is evidence that propylene glycol mist may cause irritation to the airways.

Khara added also that electronic cigarettes is better for sure comparing with traditional tobacco cigarettes which contain more than 6000 chemical, this is almost certainly going to be better and preferable. And depending on the very little research that has been done on the electronic cigarettes safety, these devices still better than the tobacco cigarettes.

The health minister of Canada have said before to CTV News that they still uncertain about the electronic cigarettes safety, efficacy and quality. They added also that they are continues to advice the Canadians not to use these e-cigs because these devices may pose health risks. While you can buy any kind of best electronic cigarette (best e cigarette) from any state of the USA.


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