Friday, November 15, 2013

Electronic Cigarette Health Full Report With Images

Before talking about electronic cigarette health, and what is the best electronic cigarette we need first to define what are electronic cigarettes? And Are E Cigarettes Safe?

We have mentioned before that electronic cigarette is a device which simulate the traditional tobacco cigarettes and smoking tobacco. Electronic cigarettes that called also e-cigs contain also nicotine like traditional cigarettes. E-cigs simply work by heating a liquid containing nicotine by an atomizer, this way the liquid containing nicotine turns into a vapor which can be inhaled to create a vapor cloud like any traditional cigarette.

Better healthy feature in electronic cigarette health is that the e-cigs don't contain many chemicals like tobacco traditional cigarettes, in other words it's more safe than smoking tobacco and a good easy way to avoid many bad things and elements that makes smoking traditional cigarettes kills.

Because of these points, electronic cigarettes have became more than billion dollar industry, today, one of five north Americans are trying these devices.

Backing to electronic cigarette health, these devices are touted by manufacturers and proponents in order to be a safe alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. But it doesn't mean that many doctors disagree this point. And to be honest with you, there are not enough studies and reports that can tell us how electronic cigarette are safe.

In a previous article what are talking about electronic cigarette health, we have mentioned what Milan Khara, Babak Maghfourian, Ray Casciari and Canada health said about are e cigarettes safe or not. We can abbreviate what they have said in these few words: it may be an alternative to smoking the traditional cigarettes that are linked to many causes of cancers and many other deceases.

Notice that the electronic cigarettes brands are not the same. The whole electronic cigarettes manufacturers are doing their best to convince the people that e-cigs are safe alternative to smoking tobacco, however, The "FDA" Food and Drug Administration has questioned before the safety of two brands products. They said that some products are not very safe as many of them have traces of toxic chemicals including many carcinogens or cancer-causing substances elements in addition to the nicotine. What prompted the Food and Drug Administration to issue a warning about the potential health risks with using these products at all.

 On the other hand, many brand are using just a liquid cartridge filled with propylene glycol, as they say in their electronic cigarettes health reports. These items are using widely in making food products.


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    1. Good sharing, a recent study by researchers at Washington University in St Louis reveals that many parents who use electronic cigarettes (or e-cigs for short) are not aware of the dangers that they present for their children. The use of e-cigs in the US has increased dramatically in the last few years, as have the number of emergency calls to poison control centres around the country. For detail visit:

  2. I came to know that E-cigarettes can cut the cost of smoking in half or further. In adding together, patches and other quit smoking medications can be just as costly as cigarettes. Even as the electronic cigarette has not been proven to be an official smoking cessation device, it does provide an improved alternative to smoking without the special effects caused by the space and medicines. Thanks for your article!!

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